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7 Best Cold Sore Cream For Treatment 2020

Best Cold Sore Cream

Best Cold Sore Cream: Great, you have a pesky cold sore, now what?

Picture this scenario: you are getting ready to go to the senior prom. This is the last major event of the school year. The next major event will be your highschool graduation.

You are excited about taking your date to the prom, but then you notice that pesky cold sore! “Oh no!” you think to yourself, “What can be done?”

Desperate, you make a last-minute move to your computer to research the best cold sore cream online. You are flooded with results, however, the following products catch your eye so you click on the links to learn more about them.

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The best cold sore creams are listed below:

1. Penciclovir cream

Penciclovir cream

It’s a prescription medicine. The brand name is Denavir. Since it attacks and kills the viruses that cause cold sores, you will find your cold sore disappearing up to 1-2 days earlier than with another cold sore cream. If you use it, you’ll find that you will experience substantially less burning, itching, and pain from your cold sore. It may be temporary relief since you can always have a recurrence of cold sores. Denavir is good at halting cold sore growth by starving them of the nutrients they need to grow and spread.

Remember to apply for this medicine to the affected area regularly. This is the only way it will work since it works best when a certain amount of medicine is absorbed by the skin. As with all prescription medicines, it has side effects where are a mild stinging sensation or pain on the area applied. You may also experience an unsightly rash or a bad headache.

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2. Acyclovir cream

Acyclovir cream

You can get only with a doctor’s prescription. It works when applied when you first notice a cold sore developing. Like Denavir, it starves the herpes virus that causes cold sores of vital nutrients. This slows its growth and allows the body to naturally attack and kill the virus. You may find that your cold sore disappears faster when you use this cream. While most side effects are minor, some can be harmful. Always tell your doctor right away if you have trouble breathing, you get a bad case of hives, or your lips, tongue or throat start to swell.

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You will likely experience the following side effects:

  • Lips that crack, peel, or get dry easily
  • Dry or flaky skin on areas where you apply the cream
  • An initial burning, itching, or stinging sensation when applying for the medicine

Over the counter creams

These cold sore creams have two categories:

  • Benzocaine
  • Camphorated Phenol

3. Benzocaine creams

Benzocaine creams


This topical medicine’s main and active ingredients are Aloe and Vitamin E. The Aloe will moisturize the area around the cold sore. This will ease some of your pain. Vitamin E is a natural antibiotic that will stop the herpes virus’s growth and will eventually kill it. Keep in mind that some amount of the virus will still be in your body. You are always vulnerable to a recurrence for this reason.


This topical cream has two active ingredients: benzocaine and benzalkonium chloride. It’s antibacterial ingredients and properties help clean the affected area(s). This is part of what keeps the cold sores from spreading. It also gets rid of the annoying pain and itching associated with cold sores.

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4. Camphorated Phenol

Camphorated Phenol


This is a mild medicine that is applied to areas affected by cold sores. It is a combination of three main and effective ingredients in terms of treating cold sores: allantoin, camphor, and phenol. Its strength lies in relieving the pain, itching, and dry skin that cold sores cause.

You can experience the following severe side effects with Blistex, though this is rare:

  • Hives
  • Labored breathing
  • Swollen tongue, face, throat or lips

Remember that these are potentially fatal allergic reactions so contact your doctor right away if you experience any of these side effects.

Other more common and less severe side effects include:

  • A white residue at application spot
  • A mild burning or tingling feeling after application

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5. Docosanol 10%

Camphorated Phenol

Also known as Abreva, this cold sore medicine is effective in making cold sores disappear quickly. It is also very good at relieving the pain, soreness, burning sensation, and itching associated with cold sores. It takes an average of 4.1 days for a cold sore to completely disappear if you use Abreva regularly. For best results, use this cream when you notice a cold sore appearing. Its secret sauce lies in its ability to keep the herpes virus from spreading from cell to cell. It is also good at starving the virus.

Benzyl Alcohol

It is known as Zilatcin-L. It’s an antifungal cream that is good at making cold sores disappear quickly. It provides relief from the pain, itchiness, and discomfort associated with cold sores for up to six hours. Its drawback lies in its main side effect in that it can irritate gums.

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6. Dimethicone with sunscreen

Dimethicone with sunscreen

This product is more commonly referred to as Herpecin-L. This Canadian topical solution works wonders with its magical formula which are also its active ingredients. These are the key amino acid Lysine, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and lemon balm. The first four ingredients are antioxidants with natural anti-bacterial properties that are effective in stopping the herpes virus from growing. The last ingredient provides temporary relief by moisturizing the affected area.

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These are the wonder creams in the fight against cold sores!

These are the best cold sore creams currently available. These will work wonders in terms of making your cold sore disappear quickly and providing you with intense relief. Now that you know what products work, you can relax on prom night!

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