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How Many Calories in a Scrambled Egg? The Best 12 Nutrition Tips

Besides seeing a new day and enjoying the birds chirping, another favorite thing I enjoy in the morning is a healthy and nutritious breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day I have made it a point to maximize by enjoying scrambled eggs.

Yes, you heard that right, my breakfast meal makes me feel excited. Eggs are filled with vitamins and minerals to keep me energized throughout the day.

Now maybe you are wondering, but what about the calories?

Read on as we expound on the number of calories in a scrambled egg, some of the health benefits you get from eating an egg.

How Many Calories in a Scrambled Egg?

The number of calories in an egg is determined by the size and the method of cooking.

For a medium-sized raw egg, the amount of calories is approximately 72. It is important to note; a smaller or extra large egg may contain more calories.

With a small containing about 54 calories while a large one has about 90 calories, the method of cooking and preparation also playa a massive part in altering the number of calories, a hard-boiled egg has a lower amount of calories with about 75 calories.

  • Calories in a scrambled egg.

A scrambled egg prepared at home has about 91 calories, while scrambled eggs in a restaurant have about 102 calories, the increase is mostly influenced by the oils used.

Extra virgin olive oil, is one of the healthiest oil and is not only used for cooking; it is also used on salads.

Restaurants may sometimes use butter or oil, and this may lead to an increase in the number of calories.

Now maybe you are wondering if scrambled eggs in a restaurant have more calories, does this mean it is not safe to enjoy meals outside my home?

The answer is no, it is okay to order food from your favorite restaurant, but there are several precautions needed.

  • Firstly, know your caloric intake, this means you know how much calories you need to maintain the current weight this will help prevent weight gain. In case you need to shed some extra pounds then you need to reduce the number of calories you take in a day.

For instance, if your caloric intake is 2000, always know what you have consumed before adding on to more, if you had two scrambled eggs in the morning this means you consumed 182 calories if you cook the dish, but if you ordered then the calories consumed are about 204 calories.

So if you have already consumed 204 calories to maintain your weight, you need to consume about 1796 calories. This method will help guide your eating habits.

An important tip on keeping track on caloric intake, keep track of your caloric intake know how to read food labels.

  • Consider your health and weight, eggs are nutritious and in some cases have been proven to help in weight loss; However if you need to lose weight, then having eggs daily or six days a week may not be the best option.

You can enjoy your scrambled eggs two days a week. This will not only ensure you get the health benefits associated with eggs but will also prevent weight gain.

  • Consider your level of activity, eggs, and mainly scrambled eggs offer a lot of energy if the energy is not used during the day. This will mean weight gain, so take note of the day ahead. If you are meeting up with friends for a walk or hike, scrambled eggs are an excellent option. However, if you need to rest, you may need to consider other meals.

Egg Health Benefits- How Many Calories in a Scrambled Egg.

Now maybe you are wondering why I have put so much emphasis on taking eggs for breakfast, here are a few reasons you need to eat those scrambled eggs in the morning.

How Many Calories in a Scrambled Egg?
  • Brain development.

Eggs contain a rare component known as choline, which helps in brain development. For a productive day, one does not only need energy, but it is also essential to be mentally prepared, and eggs provide just that.

Adding an egg dish in your weekly menu will help substitute the lack of choline, so every time you take a bite of the scrambled eggs remember the good you are doing to your brain.

  • Contains vitamins that improve eyesight.

Eggs contain components that improve eyesight and protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays.

  • Eggs have protein which help in repair of damaged tissues and formation of new muscles.

Eggs contain high amounts of proteins; proteins are known to help in the growth of muscle tissues and the repair of damaged tissues.

If you have felt some cramping as soon as you finished your workout routine. Then this high protein breakfast is just the thing you need.

  • Provides energy to keep you full during the day, preventing cravings.

Eggs will not only help in the repair of tissues but will also provide you with the required energy to take you through the day.

There are several advantages of sufficient energy, during a workout, you need strength to gain maximally from the, and eggs will provide you with the required energy.

Additionally, eggs also keep you full for longer preventing cravings during the day; one thing that influences weight gain is eating in between meals, to solve the urge to eat before the next meal. Why don’t you try this delicious and nutritious egg dish?

  • Contains the good cholesterol.

It is sometimes thought that eggs are unsafe for one’s health due to fats, but contrary to this ideas, eggs contain the good cholesterol that helps in the normal functioning of certain organs in the body.

Eggs contain healthy fatty acids, thus offering more benefits to the body than harm. However, it is essential to balance the consumption of eggs to about three or four in a week.

Bottom Line

So do not be afraid to eat those eggs; the critical thing to remember is a balance.

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