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How Many Calories to Lose Weight You Should Eat Per Day

If you are in a weight loss journey, there are several things to consider for a successful outcome.

Some of the key things to consider include, the number of calories you consume and level of activity.

How Many Calories to Lose Weight

These are the two most important factors, but today we will take a look at how the number of calories influences weight, as well as how much calories to consume in a day to lose weight.

Calories in simple terms are energy; when calories exceed someone’s activity level, the body converts these calories into fat, which in turn leads to weight gain thus essential to watch your caloric intake.

The number of calories is mostly associated with food, and precisely carbs but carbs can be found in both food and drinks.

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How many calories to lose weight- Calorie intake calculator.

  • Start by finding out your weight in kilograms, if you are a woman multiply the weight in kilograms by 0.9 and for men multiply by 1.0.
  • The third step, multiply the figure with 24, for instance, if your weight was 60 kilograms and you are a woman, then the number would have been 60×0.9= 54. Then multiply 54 by 24=1296.
  • The fourth step, multiply these figure with your lean factor if your lean multiplying factor is 0.95. then multiply 1296 by 0.95= 1231.2

The value is called the basal metabolic rate; this is the number of calories one would need if they were seated all day.

  • The final step, multiply the basal metabolic rate with the activity multiplier, for an inactive lifestyle, this is where one is mainly seated, studying or walking a few minutes a day. Multiply the basal metabolic rate by 1.3. For example, 1231.2×1.3= 1600.56, this is the number of calories you should consume in a day.

If your day consists of small tasks, maybe you teach or working in an environment where you stand, the activity multiplier is 1.55.

Let’s say your basal metabolic rate is 1231.2, multiply this number by 1.55, which will be 1908.36, this is the number of calories you are required to consume each day.

For a moderate activity level and work out routine for about 2 hours each day, then the activity multiplier is 1.65.

If you work out about 4 hours a day are involved in manual jobs and other physical activity, you multiply your basal metabolic rate by 1.80.

For highly active individuals working out or involved in vigorous manual activities for up to 8 hours, the activity multiplier is 2.00.

  • One’s lifestyle highly influences the number of calories as seen in the analysis above, if you rarely exercise, then it essential to know your basal metabolic rate, this will help you determine the number of calories you need to add for a productive day.
  • Remember, everyone’s body type is different and may be influenced by things such as genes, before making the changes in that diet consult with your doctor on some of the health concerns to avoid underfeeding or even consuming foods that will work against your body.

Now maybe you are wondering how many calories do I need to lose weight, the illustration above gives you the best guideline on how to calculate your caloric intake, how to determine the basal metabolic rate which is a crucial factor in caloric intake.

However, if you do not want to do the calculations, then consider phone applications, which will take you through the entire process.

These applications are available for all types of phones.

Great tips on how to monitor caloric intake for weight loss.

How Many Calories to Lose Weight
  • Make a meal plan.

To best monitor how many calories one consumes in a day it is advisable to write down a menu, planning meals ahead will help not only in ensuring you eat the right amount of calories, but you also eat nutritious food.

  • Avoid processed and refined foods, besides the minimal nutritional value. Processed foods are also high in fats, sugar, salt as well as have high amounts of calories. Research has also shown processed foods can be addictive.

Thus to reduce one’s caloric intake avoid these foods, instead opt for fresh vegetables and animal products from the farmers market.

  • Watch your activity level; for a busy and very active lifestyle, one might need more calories to ensure you stay healthy as you lose the extra weight.

If you spend most of your day seated, then you will require to reduce those calories, but to ensure the body does not lack in vital minerals and vitamins.

Start small exercises such as standing after every one hour, using the stairs instead of the lift or escalator and try walking a few minutes a day.

For an active lifestyle, however, if you are looking to lose weight depriving yourself of the proper food will make you unhealthy and unproductive, thus essential to calculate the number of calories one needs to consume in a day.

  • Use a small plate; this will help reduce the amount of food consumed. It is also advisable to balance the portions, more vegetables, then proteins and a handful of your favorite carbs. It may be rice or bread.

Things to watch out for- how many calories to lose weight

Expectant mothers, for instance, so if you are expecting, remember you are also feeding the unborn child, always consult a doctor.

For individuals with terminal illnesses, taking this journey with a dietician will ensure you eat the right food an in the correct amounts.

Also remember, your body might need time to adjust to a new menu and meal plans, also always listen to your body and seek medical attention if you suspect any abnormal changes.

Additionally, for the weight loss journey to be a great success include other methods of healthy living such as exercises, this will not only help you stay healthy but also make use of the stored and excess body fats.

Finally, the most important thing, stay hydrated, drinking water has been associated with weight loss, it is advisable to drink 8 or more glasses of water each day.

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