The 9 Best Weight Gain Meal Plan for Females

Weight Gain Meal Plan for Females
Weight Gain Meal Plan for Females

Weight Gain Meal Plan for Females: The weight gain topic is not very common; this is because most people are looking for ways to shed those extra pounds.

However, if you are looking to reach your weight goal by adding some extra weight, or maybe you want to increase your body muscles,

Or perhaps you are on a recovery journey from an illness looking to regain your previous look.

Read on as we talk about healthy ways to add that extra weight as well as a meal plan to bring you closer to your dream look.

But before that, let us take a look at some of the things you need to do to increase your weight.

How to Gain Weight in a Week? 3 Quick Tips

  • Eat frequently; this is one of the first methods you need to implement if you are looking to gain weight. Do not skip meals and ensure you eat a healthy and balanced diet.

In addition to the regular meal routine, add snacks. This will help you add weight, you can also have a snack just before bed, adding snacks is an easy and fast way of gaining weight.

Caution, however, remember not to overdo it, the goal is to gain weight in a healthy way, Also for the night snack consider easily digestible meals.

Indigestible snacks may be disrupting your sleep because of bloating in turn affecting your eating habits and undermining your goal.

So be sure to balance the portions, a good tip eats every three or five hours. Regular eating will also provide the needed energy throughout the day.

  • Consider high-intensity training, high-intensity training strengthens the muscles, and subsequently lead to an increase in the muscles. For the high-intensity, training to be effective hit the gym every three or four days a week.

Though the high intensity will help shed fats, it will increase muscle mass and is most suitable if you are looking to increase your muscles.

  • Another essential tip to help you in the healthy weight gain is eating foods high in nutrients; this includes foods such as salmon, nuts, chickens, cheese, beef, corn, potatoes, avocado, and eggs to mention a few.

These foods are high in nutrients and only require small amounts, so avoid the processed food instead opt for natural, fresh organic foods high in proteins, fiber, and carbs.

Additionally, for these foods to be effective, it is crucial to balance and have meals with various foods all at once.

For instance, for breakfast, you can have nuts, a banana, and yogurt; in another meal, you can have salmon, guacamole, cabbage, and corn tortilla.

Weight Gain Meal Plan for Females

This meal regime is open to changes depending on your taste or your current state of health.

Weight Gain Meal Plan for Females
  1. Each morning have two to three glasses of water, drinking water first thing in the morning helps to clean out toxins by improving digestion and reducing the risk of bloating.


  1. Have breakfast.
  2. Enjoy a post work out snack; this will help refuel and reenergize you after the exercises.
  3. Lunch.
  4. Evening snack.
  5. Dinner.
  6. Pre-bedtime snack.

For breakfast have a bowl of cereal, milk, fruits as well as snacks. Other breakfasts dished include; eggs, sausages, bacon, pancakes, or even yogurt.

Ensure you balance your meals with carbs, veggies, and proteins.

After a few hours take a snack such as a sandwich, or a smoothie. Smoothies will provide the body with various nutrients, keeping you healthy.

This leads us to the next meal, lunch. For lunch, you can have a chicken salad or rice with chickpeas and cabbage.

Lunch could also comprise of pasta, beef, and veggies but remember lunch should be a complete meal, packed with carbs, proteins, and fiber.

During the evening, enjoy a snack, it may be a piece of cake, guacamole with tortillas, a bag of chips, cookies to mention a few.

This snack helps to keep you full and energized throughout the day.

To complete the day, enjoy a hearty meal with loved ones and enjoy rice and chicken thighs, or baked potatoes with soup or a stew.

And remember to always balance the meals.

There are many different meals; the goal is to balance also for the best results consider foods form the local markets.

Success Tips

Record your progress, to experience success in the weight gain journey it is essential o record your progress.

Writing down the progress will help you identify areas that need change.

Weigh yourself regularly – Weight Gain Meal Plan for Females

Consult a doctor, before making any significant changes in your diet, make sure you consult a doctor.

Weight gain is sensitive and requires professional follow up, also remember the goal is to gain weight healthily.

Make a Weekly Menu

Eating similar foods for a long period may not reap the best benefit. To maximize on foods, write down a weekly menu and make changes every new week.

Weight Gain Meal Plan for Females

You will not only get to eat nutritious food but will also get time to try out new recipes.

For natural foods visit the local market and shop for fresh vegetables and organic animal products.

These foods are packed with nutrients ensuring you stay healthy throughout the journey.

A great tip, many questions arise when it comes to weight gain, and one of the most common is sugar.

Despite the need to increase in weight ensure you avoid processed sugar and fats, instead, opt for natural sugar from fruits as well as healthy fatty oils from foods such as avocados or fish.

Final Remarks

Though gaining weight (Weight Gain Meal Plan for Females) is not a popular topic it is vital to have proper information before making any changes, so if you are looking to add some kilos, why not read a book?

Or better yet an article that will give you needed information on recipes, proper planning method and finally how to monitor your progress.

Finally, every weight loss or weight gain journey is different, listen to your body, and most importantly take your time.

For the best results, be positive, consistent, and patient. Also, in addition to a good meal plan, incorporate exercise to help you boost your appetite as well as increase your overall well-being.

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